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At Computer Resource Center, we are here to help with any type of computer need that you may have. Our staff has over 20 years of experience helping businesses and clients with their computer and network needs.

We can help with a variety of needs from that of the novice computer user to those of network professionals. CRC has all of your computer service needs covered.

  • Apple Authorized Service Provider
    • apple authorized service provider
      CRC has been an Apple Authorized Service Provider in Rochester since 2003, with 20 plus years of experience and knowledge to handle all of your Apple in and out-of-warranty needs and repairs.
  • Dell Business Solutions
    • Dell Business Solutions
      Computer Resource Center is proud to announce that they have now partnered with Dell to provide business to business solutions to its customers. This partnership includes the availability of Dell Optiplex workstations, Dell monitors and Dell PowerEdge Servers for sale to clients in addition to complete on-site setup and service.

      CRC will work with clients to evaluate and help resolve their computer and networking needs with solutions based upon their input and system demands. Computer Resource Center looks forward to this market expansion, contact them today to help evaluate your business computer needs.
  • Laptop & Desktop Repair
    • laptop and desktop repair
      CRC offers complete laptop and desktop repair, whether its a software or hardware problem, for both Mac and PC platforms.
  • Complete System Upgrades
    • complete system upgrades
      CRC can upgrade your system's RAM and/or hard drive specifically to your needs and demands.
  • Virus & Spyware Removal
    • data recovery
      Is your PC filled with adware, malware and viruses? CRC can run full system diagnostics that will identify and remove those pesky problems to get your system back up to speed up in no time.
  • Blackblaze Cloud Storage Solutions
    • blackblaze cloud
      Are you looking for an affordable, unlimited and easy to use cloud storage solution? If so then Backblaze may be for you.

      They are offering unlimited storage for your music, pictures, documents and anything else that you may have stored on your computer or external hard drives. Visit Backblaze today to install their easy to use interface and have your data backing up to the cloud in minutes.

      Start your free 15 day trial or sign up for $5 per month per computer, $50 per year per computer or $95 for 2 years per computer today.
  • Data Recovery & Transfers
    • virus removal
      From DriveSavers
      Data Recovery
      Is your system running slow? This could possibly be due to the hard drive starting to fail or is running out of capacity. CRC can evaluate and determine if a new drive is in order. If your system has crashed or if you are in need for an upgraded hard drive, CRC can handle your data transfers and also offers services to help recover the data from crashed systems.
  • Home Networking
    • network
      Did you get a new wireless router or don't remember your wireless password? CRC can help by coming in and setting up the wireless router, resetting your wireless password or set up a complete home network. CRC can also come in an set-up your entire office network from service and work stations, to network logistics and back-ups.
  • On-Site Repair
    • on-site repair
      Would you rather have us come out and fix your system instead of bringing it in? CRC has complete on-site services available, and if we cannot fix the problem on-site, we will take the machine back to our offices, handle the repairs and then return it to you.
  • Training
    • training
      Would you like to learn more about your computer? CRC offer individualized sessions from everything to the basics of using your new iPad or iPhone or how to help incorporate your iPad into your business to make remote presentations and organizing easier. They offer custom tailored sessions specifically to your needs and demands, whether they are for your computer or iDevice.
  • Custom PC Builds
    • custom pc builds
      CRC can work with your to build a system to your specific needs and demands, from high-end gaming systems or a standard workstation.
  • Computer Accessories
    • computer accessories
      CRC has on-hand many accessories for iPods, iPads, iPhones and computers from cases and screen protectors to external hard drives and network cables. Don't see what you are looking for in our showroom, ask one of our trained professionals and they can order it for you.


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Our Services

We offer a wide range of services, including laptop and desktop repair, complete system upgrades, virus and spyware removal, data recovery and transfers and more.

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